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There are two residential training session at Cumberland Lodge in the ST3 VTS Program. These are real highlights in the year, and a vital part of the course. Subjects are able to be covered in more depth in the beautiful, peaceful environment of high quality facilities in Windsor Great Park, and the sessions enable the training group to gel in a way that brings benefits to the entire training year.

The beautiful woodland setting of Windsor Great Park provides a delightfully tranquil place for learning

Cumberland Lodge is a beautiful 17th Century house that has been the home of some significant historical figures - including Sarah and John Churchill (the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, the ancestors of Winston Churchill - the Duke was one of the finest Generals in his generation, with several remarkable campaigns against Louis XIV of France). It acquired its current name during the time when the son of George II, the Duke of Cumberland, was resident - the infamous Butcher of Calloden when he put down the last Jacobite rebellion in 1746. 


For a building first built by Oliver Cromwell in 1652, it is ironic that its patron is the Queen, who has bequeathed it for "Discussions aimed at the betterment of society", and it is this generous gift that allows it to be used so much for educational purposes.


The residentials are funded from the trainee study budgets and are subsidised by funds from the scheme.

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