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Welcome to Less than Full Time Training (LTFT) at Royal Surrey.

This web page is designed to provide some useful information and links regarding LTFT in GP.


We have both an LTFT Representative in the General Practice Department and a Hospital Champion for LTFT both of whom are happy to be contacted regarding any questions about LTFT or problems you may be having.




LTFT Representative for GP – Dr Emma Townsend (

Kate is available to support doctors returning to a training post after a break of 3 months or more for any reason. She is also our Less than Full Time (LTFT) champion and can help trainees address concerns and issues relating to working LTFT

Kate is contactable by email or can be found in the radiology department Wednesday to Friday.

If you fall into one of these groups, please drop her an email so that she can invite you to a regular lunchtime networking meeting.   tel x 6405

Kate Potter - LTFT SuppoRTT Champion

Dr Kate Potter - LTFT SuppoRTT Champion.

Guidance for organising a LTFT rota : For trainees and rota co-ordinators – this is very useful when negotiating your rota :


BMA Less Than Full Time Guidance – good basic information for LTFT :


Training Handbook for General Practice Specialty Training Registrars – provides a lot of information about LTFT GP training, assessment requirements and useful links including a timetable calculator  :


Link for application form for LTFT :

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